May I review the item I am interested in?
Items may be reviewed only in pictures www.vielius.com. However, in case the delivered item does not correspond to your needs, the item may be returned within 14 days since its delivery and to recover amount, paid for the specific item. 

Do the prices of items include VAT? 
Yes, all the prices in out e-shop are provided including VAT.

How and when will the items be delivered to me?
Purchased items are to be delivered via DPD couriers, being arranged the exact time of batch delivery with you. Items in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are to be delivered the next working day if an order is placed up to 4:00 p.m., in case of order being placed later – items are to be delivered within 2 working days.

How to select a right size of shirts?
In order to select the size that fits you, please follow the size chart and other references.


Can I place an order by phone or by e-mail?
You may buy only at www.vielius.com

Does the delivery fee depend on delivery address?
Items are delivered in all territory of Lithuania, except Curonian Spit (Kuršių Nerija). Delivery fee depend on delivery address.  Delivery in the territory of Lithuania  is free.  Delivery fee in Latvia and Estonia is LTL 17. 

Can I collect an item myself?
Currently we do not provide such service; this is the DPD couriers’ matter.

Do you deliver items abroad?
Currently items are delivered only in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Can other person accept the items I ordered?
Yes, she/he can. The person, accepting the items must provide a valid document of identity (i.e. Identity Card, Passport or Driving Licences of new sample).

How can I cancel an order?
Please send you request to cancel an order to us by e-mail:info@vielius.com, but not later that up to 3:00 p.m. of the day the order was placed.

How to add an item to already placed order?
You do not have a right to edit a placed or executable order. In case you notice that faulty item is ordered or you intend to order an item additionally, please send us an a-mail info@vielius.com

How can I change e-mail address?
You can change it by yourself then you login to the website.




Thank you